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Freedom is innate.  So is responsibility.  We report, publish, opine, and enjoy this freedom.  I am free.  So are you. Go boldly.

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Our websites, brands, organizations exist to serve you in pursuit of happiness.

Our customers are you – the general public – and we strive to serve you.  Like us, you want freedom.  There is a balance of order and chaos – freedom and responsibility bring about this balance.  I Am Free Media is a service-oriented company – not profit-oriented.  We provide value by helping bring about the solutions you want for your life and the world around you.

The story of

I Am Free Media

We are comprised of regular, everday middle-class Americans from the IT, management, sales, and manufacturing industries.  We continue to do this real-life work, but decided to do more.

We’ve all seen the breakdown of society these past few decades.  Marxism, socialism, neo-racism, genderism, police state, deep state, economy, and the list goes on.  We decided not only should we use our skills to help fix this mess, but perhaps we must.  We stay grounded in real life while ass-kicking to lead a movement that embraces freedom, personal responsibility, accountability, and balance.

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Efficient solutions to modern societal problems means striking at the root.

Shaun Kranish