Out of the ordinary into the extraordinary

Freedom is a state of mind and being. It cannot be taken away, and needs only be remembered.

Shaun Kranish


Hearty private-school education.  Moved by the Holocaust and wishing the victims could have had the means to fight back.

IT work and other jobs as a teenager begin.

Columbine shooting occurs – realization that people should have been able to shoot back to stop the attacks.

Local business owner and operator working late and all hours.  Desired pistol for self-defense.  Become responsible gun owner and received 40 hour training with highest marksmanship.  Realized 2nd Amendment was completely infringed in Illinois and nationwide.

Started ICarry.org with the goal of shall-issue concealed carry for Illinois.  Arrested for wearing an empty holster on college campus to provoke conversation of the important issue of so-called “gun-free zones.”

Arrested for carrying an unloaded firearm enclosed in a container in accordance with Illinois law.  Charged with a felony as a warning to others.  This backfires against so-called “authorities” and ICarry explodes in popularity.

Arrested for offering real .999 silver rounds to an ice cream merchant in Wisconsin.  Soon-to-be wife arrested as well for questioning the police.  Moved by the disobedience of Ed and Elaine Brown regarding personal “income tax.”  Created MakeTheStand.com to try to bring their story to the world.

Continued work in gun rights promoting rallies and organizing open carry events, publishing news on ICarry.org for Illinois and Wisconsin’s successful fight for shall-issue concealed carry.

Started Nature4Less.com – a natural health/wellness store that would eventually become ElectraHealth.  Realized sensitivity to EMF working in a large office/industrial complex.

Wisconsin becomes shall-issue carry state after numerous “open carry” charity events around the state by Wisconsin Carry, Inc and ICarry.org.  Huge and successful Bitcoin mining started.

Illinois – the crown jewel of socialism, statism, and tyranny in the heart of the country – falls and passes shall-issue concealed carry licensing after a series of public events promoted by ICarry and other groups and open-carry charity events by ICarry.