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ElectraHealth Research Institute is one of the foremost leaders in EMF/EMR safety products for home, office, and industrial hygiene.

Exposure to man-made electromagnetic frequencies and fields has been a growing concern for decades.  Beginning with the creation of radiofrequency radiation transmission and electrical distribution, humans have been faced with a drastic increase in many neurological, cardiological, and other diseases and ailments.  ElectraHealth has been helping people measure and remediate exposure to this since 2008.  

EMF on YouTube

EMF Explorer on YouTube

I Am Free Media’s founder Shaun Kranish, “The EMF Explorer”

Shaun Kranish has been wanted to shed light on EMF measurement and mitigation to help change how the world uses technology.  Seeing and hearing is believing.  The EMF Explorer YouTube channel has made some highly-impactful videos that are changing the conversation worldwide!