Pro-Gun Pro-Freedom Swiss-Privacy Encrypted VPN and Email – basic subscription


Category: email basic:

  • Encrypted VPN – no logs – 3000+ servers
  • 10 email addresses of your choosing (as long as no one else already registered)
  • As private as email can be – we partnered with ProtonMail to provide you with a mailbox that no one but you can access – not even us or ProtonMail staff!
  • Mix and match your choice of email addresses from,,
  • 15 GB of storage
  • Unlimited folders, labels, and filters
  • Calender that is sharable
  • Emails you send help promote gun rights and freedom and the small fee we collect helps fight to free the world

Upgrade to premium and get:

  • 10 high-speed VPN connections
  • 15 email addresses – choose from,,,,
  • 500 GB of storage instead of 15GB
  • and more for about 2 dollars more per month


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